Luminous Li-On 1250 1100VA Home Inverter UPS with in-built Lithium Battery

Rs. 54,950.00 Rs. 79,950.00 -32% OFF

Luminous Li-On 1250 1100VA Home Inverter UPS with in-built Lithium Battery

Rs. 54,950.00 Rs. 79,950.00 -32% OFF

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Product description

Luminous Power Technologies has unveiled new Li-ON series inverters with integrated lithium-ion batteries as a compact, safe and efficient power backup solution for the retail and domestic segments. The new plug-and-play inverters provide solid performance with negligible maintenance compared to conventional lead-acid battery-based inverters

New Age Powerful Sine wave inverter

With in-built Lithium ion battery making the product compact, safe, long lasting and efficient. The Product performance is managed and controlled by Intelligent Battery Management system (BMS) increasing the product performance.


    • Pure Sine wave Technology, Output Rating: 1100VA (Bulb load : 880W) with 60 Months Warranty by Luminous across India
    • Can run 0.5HP Water Motor Pump (Tested Brands: Lubi, Havells, Kirloskar, Usha etc)
    • Compact design with improved efficiency and load handling
    • User friendly LCD display and control buttons
    • User friendly LCD Display to easily understand status of mains availability, back-up time, battery status, etc.
    • 3X longer life When compared to standard Lead acid batteries.
    • Consistent Backup Maintain consistent backup for its entire life
    • 3X Faster Charging Product is ready for the next power cut cycle
    • Maintenance Free No hassle, plug it and forget it.
    • Premium Metallic White Finish
    • Saves Space Compact size, Easy to Transfer, Can take along Easily
    • Intelligent Battery Management System(BMS) To ensure the optimum performance.
    • Advanced Informative LCD Display.
    • No fumes No Acid Spill
    • No water top-up required
    • No Protruding Wires completely safe for children

    Li-ON 1250, the first in the Li-ON series, features a battery management system (BMS) that manages the performance of both the inverter and the battery, thereby increasing its performance and life. The 1,100VA inverter can run a maximum of 880W of load and is ideal for running up to a three-bedroom house or a large showroom with a backup time of more than three hours at 50% load. An advanced LCD screen displays running statistics like battery charging time and backup time.

    “The product supports energy efficiency with less power required to charge the lithium-ion battery than the lead-acid battery. In addition, the lithium battery provides a consistent backup over its lifecycle."

    Space is not a constraint with Li-ON integrated inverter

    Approximately 60% lesser in size than lead-acid battery-based solutions.

    Technical Specifications


    1100 VA

    Active Power 880W
    Regulated UPS Mode INPUT
    Rated Voltage 230V AC

    Under Voltage


    Under Voltage Restoration


    Over Voltage 265V±5V
    Over Voltage Restoration 255V±5V
    Unregulated Eco Mode INPUT
    Under Voltage 85V±10V
    Under Voltage Restoration 105V±10V
    Over Voltage 290V±10V
    Over Voltage Restoration 280V±10V
    Rated Voltage (UPS Mode) 230V ± 10%
    Voltage (Mains Mode) Same as Input
    Frequency (UPS Mode) 50 ± 0.5Hz
    Frequency (Mains Mode) Same as Input 45-55Hz
    Overload > 10%
    Transfer Time (typical a.s) < 20ms.
    Battery System (Nominal Voltage) 12.8V DC
    Battery Capacity 1280Wh (100Ah X 12.8V = 1280Wh)
    Number on Battery (in-built) 1
    Charging Time 3-4Hrs. (typical on standard Mains Voltage)
    Type of Battery Lithium ION Battery
    Net Weight (Kg.) 25.0 approx.
    Gross Weight (Kg.) 27.2 approx.
    Dimensions (LxWxH in MM) 300x355x284
    Standard Load: 1 TV + STB, 2 Fans, 4 LED Bulbs/2 Tube lights - 320 W 3 hrs 40 mins
    Medium Load: 1 TV + STB, 2 Fans, 1 Laptop + Router, 4 LED Bulbs, 2 Tube lights - 440 W 2 hrs 30 mins
    High Load: 1 TV + STB, 2 Fans, 1Laptop + Router, 4 LED Bulbs,2 Tube lights, Printer (small)/Refrigerator - 750W 1 hr 30 mins


     Contents: 1x Luminous Li-On 1250 Inverter with in-built Lithium Battery

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