Luminous Hybrid Solar System; TX 3.75 kVA 48V Mppt Inverter PCU; 445 Watts Mono Perc Panels x2; 80Ah Battery x4; with Remote Monitoring Device

Rs. 120,950.00 Rs. 175,950.00 -32% OFF

Luminous Hybrid Solar System; TX 3.75 kVA 48V Mppt Inverter PCU; 445 Watts Mono Perc Panels x2; 80Ah Battery x4; with Remote Monitoring Device

Rs. 120,950.00 Rs. 175,950.00 -32% OFF

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Product description

Luminous Hybrid Inverter Combo is a combination of an on-grid inverter and off-grid inverter making it more versatile than other solar inverters helping in lowering your electricity bills and protecting from power outages. It can supply solar power to run your electrical appliances, store electricity in batteries required during power outages as well as export excess power generated to grid.

Solar Power Generation Combo includes: Quantity   Warranty
Hybrid Solar PCU TX 3.75VA (with Wifi remote monitoring dongle) 1 2 Years
80Ah c10 Solar Tall Tubular Batteries 4 60* Months
445Watts mono perc half-cut solar panels 4 12/25 Years

Hybrid PCU Features:

  • Rated AC power - 230V (single phase)
  • Max Supported Panel Power - 3000 Wp, Input Voltage Range (Vmp) – 65V-130V
  • Charge Controller - MPPT, Input Voltage Range (Voc)- 65V-165V
  • Nominal Battery Bank Voltage - 48V (4 x 12V Batteries)
  • BIS certified solar inverter
  • In-built TDR for loads with heavy in-rush current
  • Inbuilt MPPT charge controller to maximize solar generation from solar panels
  • Inbuilt isolation transformer to protect from grid surges and noise
  • User selectable source priority: Choose source priority from solar, battery and grid
  • User friendly Informative LCD Display
  • MCB protection against short circuit protection
  • Pure sine wave output for better performance & safety of connected loads
  • Safe for your home with comprehensive protection features such as short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery overload, etc.

Smart Solar Optimization: Gives priority to solar in both backup and charging mode of operation thereby maximizing solar energy utilization

Maximum Power Point Tracking: MPPTs to extract up to 30% more power from the panels, minimizing impact of shading and increasing efficiency.

User Friendly LCD Display: Makes it convenient for user to easily monitor various performance parameters.

Guaranteed Safety: Comprehensive protection features include  short circuit, reverse polarity, surge protection etc.

BIS Certified: BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards


 Model Name HYBRID TX 3.7kVA
Capacity (kW) 3kW
Nominal Battery Voltage (Vdc)  48V (4x 12V Batteries)
Output Waveform Sinewave
Type of Charger MPPT
Maximum PV Power (kW) 3000W
Solar Input Voltage (Voc) 65V-165V
Solar Input Voltage Range (Vmp) 65V-130V
Max. PV Input Current (Imp) 46A
Max. MPPT Output Current (A) 60A
Max. Conversion Efficiency 93%
No. of MPPT Channels 1
Input Supply Phases Single Phase
Input Voltage Mains mode (Regulated UPS Mode) 180-260Vac
Nominal Grid Current (Import) 21A
Grid Current (Export) 12A ± 2A
No. of Batteries 4 (12X4 = 48v)
Charging Stages Boost, Absorption, Float
Switching Element
32 Bit DSP Controlled
Nominal Output Voltage (V) & Voltage Range 230V ± 2%
Output Supply Phase Single Phase ( 1 Phase 2 Wire)
Nominal Output Frequency 50 Hz
Nominal Output Current 13A
Output Voltage Distortion (THD) <= 4%
Power Factor 0.9 lag to 0.9 lead
Overload at Nominal output voltage 110% for 10mins, 125% for 1mins, 200% for 5 seconds
Transfer Time ,20 mS
Protection Under/Over voltage protection for Input/Output, Battery & Array; Reverse polarity protection for Array
& Battery; Protection for Output Overload, Short circuit and Over Temperature; MCB & Surge
protection at Grid/DG Input, Battery, Wrong Wiring, Low Battery, Anti-Islanding Protection
Display Parameters "Voltage/Current: Array, Battery, Grid, Output; Display Parameters Day kWh, Cumulative kWh, Date, Time "
Indications Battery Charging/ Discharging, Grid Available, Grid Select, Solar Available, Inverter On, Load On, System
on Battery, Low Battery Pre-alarm, Wrong Wiring, Short Circuit Trip, Fault LED Indicator
(For Overload, Low Battery, Over Temperature)
Settings "Battery type, Battery voltage (Boost, Float, Absorption), Priority (SGB/SBG/Solar Only/Grid Feed),
Charging Current from Grid, Zero feed/Allow feed in GFM Current Settings"
IP Protection Level  IP-21
Operating Temperature 0-45 °C
Storage Temperature 0-45 °C
Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Max. Relative Humidity @ 25 °C Up to 95% (non-condensing)
DC Connection MC4 Connectors
Datalogger & Communication 4 pins RS485 connector
Display / Indications LCD Display (20*4) / LED Indications
Mounting Surface Mount
Galvanic Isolation Inbuilt Isolation Transformer
Dimensions (WxDxH in mm) 300x504x515mm
Net Weight 50kG


Half-Cut Solar Panel Features:

  • SPECIAL CELL DESIGN: The unique cell design leads to reduced electrodes resistance and smaller current, thus enables higher fill factor. Meanwhile, it can reduce losses of mismatch and cell wear, and increase total reflection.
  • IP68 RATED JUNCTION BOX: IP68 rated junction box ensures an outstanding waterproof level, supports on the cables. Anti-reflective coating and back surface (BSF) for more light absorption. Advanced EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) encapsulation to give better protection to modules
  • High Power Output: Compared to 158.75mm module, the power output can increase 25W-30W
  • High PID resistant: PID resistance Technology (Potential-Induced Degradation) for safety against substantial power loss due to stray currents triggered by certain climate conditions
  • Excellent weak light performance: Excellent Low light performance in low visibility in clouds, evening, and morning.
  • Lower Operating Temperature: Lower operating temperature and temperature coefficient increases the power output.
  • Extended load tests: Best in Class conversion efficiency
  • Withstanding Harsh Environment: High strength light-weight aluminium frame design for high torsion resistance against winds and snow loads


Maximum Power at STC (Pmax) 445Wp/24V (-0 to +3%)
Open circuit Voltage (Voc) 48.9V
Voltage at maximum power (Vmp) 40.9V
Short Circuit current (Isc) 11.32A
Current at maximum power (Imp) 10.7A
Maximum Module Efficiency (%) 20.7%
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Maximum System Voltage 1500VDC
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 20Amp
Solar Cell Mono Perc silicon 166 mm
No. of Cells 144 (6 x 24)
Dimensions 209.4*103.9*3.5 CM
Weight 23.5 kgs
Front Glass 3.2 mm tempered glass
Frame Anodized aluminum alloy
Junction Box IP68 rated (3 bypass diodes)
Output Cables 4.0 mm2
Connectors MC4 EV02, Cable 01S


BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards which is mandatory for all solar panels.

Battery Features:

  • Tall Tubular plate battery 60 Months warranty Rated Capacity @ C10: 80Ah
  • Factory charged battery in ready to use condition Water level indicators for easy maintenance.
  • Tubular plate construction for long life and superior performance.
  • Highly puncture-resistant polyethylene separator for higher reliability.
  • Warranty 80Ah C10 Battery: 60* Months


 Luminous Hybrid TX 3.7kVA PCU + Remote Monitoring Device x1

Luminous 445 Watts Mono PERC half-cut panels x4

Luminous LPTT1280H 80Ah 12 Volt Solar Tall Tubular Battery x4

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