Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter (IQ7PLUS-72-2-INT)

Rs. 9,650.00 Rs. 11,999.00 -20% OFF

Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter (IQ7PLUS-72-2-INT)

Rs. 9,650.00 Rs. 11,999.00 -20% OFF

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Product description

High Powered Smart Grid Ready Micro Inverter
This smart-grid-ready inverter series is built on the 7th-generation platform and achieves the highest efficiency for module-level power electronics. Enphase IQ 7 microinverter simplifies the installation with their revolutionary 2-wire Q-Cable system. These microinverters come with an array of accessories like monitoring, DC connector, AC Q cables, 3 phase couplers, terminator cap, Q cable disconnecting tool, CT and sealing cap, etc.

Enphase IQ 7+ microinverters are compatible with 60 and 72-cell PV modules and produces 295VA peak power.

Easy to Install
• Lightweight and simple
• Faster installation with improved, lighter two-wire cabling

Productive and Reliable
• Optimized for high powered 60-cell and
72-cell* modules
• More than a million hours of testing
• Class II double-insulated enclosure

Smart Grid Ready
• Complies with advanced grid support, voltage and frequency
ride-through requirements
• Remotely updates to respond to changing
grid requirements
•Configurable for varying grid profiles


Commonly used module pairings 235W - 440W
Module Compatibility 60-cell & 72-cell PV modules
Maximum input DC Voltage 60 V
Peak Power Tracking Voltage 27V - 45V
Operating Range 16V - 60V
Min/Max start voltage 22V / 60V
Max DC short circuit current (module Isc) 15A
PV Array Configuration
AC side protection requires max 20A per branch circuit
OUTPUT DATA (AC) IQ 7+ Microinverter
Peak Output Power 295VA
Maximum Continuous output power 290VA
Nominal (L-N) voltage/range 230V / 184-276 V
Maximum Continuous output power 1.26 A
Nominal Frequency 50 Hz
Extended Frequency Range 45-55 Hz
Maximum units per 20 A (L-N) branch circuit 13 (230VAC)
Power Factor setting 1.0
Power Factor Adjustable 0.7 leading ... 0.7 lagging
EN50530 (EU) weighted efficiency 96.5%
Ambient temperature range -40C to 65C
Relative Humidity Range 4% to 100% (condensing)
Connector Type MC4 (or Amphenol H4 UTX with additional Q-DCC-5 adapter)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 212mm x 175mm x 30.2mm (without bracket)
Weight 1.08kG
Cooling Natural Convection - No Fans
Approved for wet locations Yes
Pollution Degree PD3
Enclosure Class II double-insulated, corrosion resistant polymeric enclosure
Environmental category / UV exposure rating Outdoor - IP67
Communication Power Line Communication PLC
Monitoring Enlighten Manager and MyEnlighten monitoring options compatible with Enphase Envoy-S
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Pros of the Enphase IQ7+
No String Sizing Requirements
With micro-inverters, you don’t have to worry about how many panels you group together. This means they are less impacted by shading. They are also easier to expand. Start with one panel and one IQ7+ if you want. This allows you to offset a portion of your utility bill as soon as possible, then expand the system as budget allows.

Easy Installation

One thing you really like about the IQ7+ is how extremely easy they are to install. There’s an input for your panels and an output to chain the Q cables from unit to unit, with the last one plugging into your junction box.

From the junction box to your breaker panel, you’ll install standard household AC wiring, which is much easier and cheaper to install compared to the DC wiring used with string inverters and optimizers. This can save you a lot of time, money and hassle messing around in your attic.

It’s also dead simple to tell at a glance whether your system is functioning properly, thanks to a light on the unit that changes color based on its status:

  • Green: Everything is working.
  • Yellow: Micro-inverter works, but is not communicating with IQ Envoy monitoring system.
  • Red: Micro-inverter is not working and panel is not producing power.

Compatible with 60-cell and 72-cell panels
Standard solar panels contain either 60 or 72 cells. Since there’s no difference in performance or cost-per-watt between the two options, it’s nice to have access to both when designing your system. The IQ7+ is configured to work with both options.

Since 72-cell panels are physically larger, you’ll be installing fewer panels and micro-inverters. That means less racking material, fewer holes in the roof, and fewer connections to hook up, which makes installation quicker and easier on the whole.

15-years warranty
The IQ7+ comes with a standard 15-year warranty. If one of your micro-inverters ever malfunctions at any point in your system’s lifetime, you’re covered for a free replacement. No maintenance fees or hidden ownership costs to worry about.

We recommend the IQ7+ in the following scenarios:

  • You want to start small and expand later
  • You want a system that is easier to install
  • You need a system that is highly shade-tolerant

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