Installation components of Solar Power System in India

Complete list of Components, Equipments and tools you will be needing while installing solar system in your home!
components required for installing solar power system in home!

When starting your new home DIY solar energy project, question asked by a beginner is: “What component parts are needed to complete my solar power project?”.

But before you purchase or start connecting together the individual component parts on your roof, you should get a good quality solar guide that will walk you step by step through the whole process of building, installing and setting up your own home solar energy system.

You always hear about issues related to Solar panels like its performance, shadow problems, or break down of the panel. In this blog, we will share important information regarding the installation of a solar panel. Many expert installers suggest that if a solar panel is not installed properly, you may face too many issues within a few days, months, or years.

Let’s discuss the types and main components of a Solar System.

Solar Energy System consists of 5 main components that decide the working of a solar energy system.

  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Battery
  • Panel Stand, and
  • Solar Panel Installation Accessories

Solar Energy Systems are of different types and can be used as per your needs and location. The 2 types of Solar Energy System are:

  • Solar Panel with Battery (Off Grid Solar System)
  • Solar Panel without Battery (On Grid Solar System)

Note: A Solar inverter is the main component of both the systems. While we install a solar energy system, we generally buy the following products:

  1. Solar Panels

A Solar panel is the primary component of a solar energy system. It is used to convert sunlight into electricity.

  1. Solar Inverter

A Solar inverter is the central component of a solar energy system that converts DC into AC.

  1. Solar Battery

Solar battery is the power storing component that stores electricity and runs loads as the grid powers off.

  1. Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller is the converters that convert normal inverter into the solar inverter. So if you wish to upgrade your normal inverter into Solar Inverter, this device is for you!

  1. Panel Stands

Solar Panel Stand is the balancing system that fixes solar panels on the rooftop and protects the solar panels from high blowing wind, animal attack, and so on. It provides a proper angle to the solar panels.

Now, let’s discuss about the various Installation Accessories:

There are many small and major components are using in solar panel installation. We will guide you one by one.

  1. ACDB

ACDB protects solar inverter from the AC current side. It is generally used with a grid-tie solar inverter.

  1. DCDB

DCDB protects solar panels from DC currents side. It is generally used with an off-grid solar inverter as well as a grid-tie solar inverter.

  1. Lighting Arrester

Lighting Arrester (LA) protects solar panels and other electrical appliances from thundering. It is used with the off-grid as well as a grid-tie solar inverter.

  1. DC wire

It should be in PVC Pipe (of less than 3kW) and Cable Tray (of 3kW and above)

  1. AC Wire

AC Wire is used for connection inverter with grid power and home loads.

  1. MC4 Connectors

MC4 Connector is the most important component in a solar energy system. It is used to connect DC wire with solar panels.

  1. Wire Thimbles

Wire thimbles are made of metal materials that tighten the wire (DC & AC Wire) properly.

  1. Earthing Kit

It is done for 6ft. to 10ft.

1kW to 3kW: It is done with 2 earthing. One is for Inverter, and the other is for Lighting Arrester (LA).

Above 3kW: It is supported by 3 earthing. One for Inverter, one for Lighting Arrester, and the last one is for PV Modules.

Solar Panel Installer Tools

Here is the list of tools used by the installer during the installation process.

#1. Hammer

#2. Spanner

#3. Goti Set

#4. Farma (Used for making base)

#5. Pliers

#6. Tester

#7. Screw Driver

#8. Grinder

#9. Drill Machine

#10. Pouching Machine

#11. Steel Wire

#12. Clamp Meter

#13. Measurement Tape

#14. Water Leveler

#15. Electrical Tape

#16. Ladder

#17. Cable Tie (used to tie wires with panel stand and exiting wires)

#18. PVC Pipe

#19. Thimbles

#20. Wire Cutter


We believe that the perfect choice of components leads to the best cost installation along with the 100% benefit for longer period of time. All the products required and mentioned above are available on our Online Store- UrbanUrja! We ship across India and provide on-call technical support as well, so checkout our products and we wish you a happy shopping experience!


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